Baptisms | scheduled the second Sunday of selected months


Baptism is an opportunity to publicly proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord of your life! It is a time to celebrate and share the difference Jesus has made in your relationships, in the way you love and the way you live your life! Real People | Real Love | Real Life. It's all about being REAL with Jesus!


If you would like to share and proclaim your hope in Jesus through Baptism and are in Sixth grade through Adult, plan to attend an upcoming Baptism Class (required for baptism).


If you would like to share and proclaim your hope in Jesus through Baptism and are in Fifth Grade or younger, please contact our Children's Ministries Pastor for an appointment.


Kentwood campus

Sunday, April 23 | 9:00 a.m. | room 127

Sunday, May 21 9:00 a.m. | room 127


Wyoming campus

Sunday, April 23 | 9:30 a.m. | room 122

Sunday, May 21 9:30 a.m. | room 122


Upcoming Baptism dates: *must have attended class or met with Pastor prior to being scheduled

May 7 | Kentwood and Wyoming campus

June 11 | Kentwood and Wyoming campus


For additional information, contact Sandy at 616.455.1740, ext. 502 or by email. 


Check out some footage from those who "took the plunge" and were baptized recently, by visiting our Media Center!


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: When should I be baptized?                          

Baptism should take place after one has placed their faith in Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, and decided in their heart to turn around (repent) from their sins and live to please God.

Q:  If I sin after I am baptized, do I need to be baptized again?       

  As a Christ-follower living in a human body, we accept that we are not perfect people. l John 1:9 tells us that God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and purify us from unrighteousness if we confess our sins to him.  The steps to forgiveness are confessing sin to God, turning around from sin, and asking for forgiveness.

Q:  Why should I be baptized?        

  Baptism is a step of obedience for a person in relationship with Jesus, imitating his own example of baptism (Matthew 3:13-16).  Jesus commanded his followers be baptized (Matthew 28:18-19). It is not for membership in a church. In the Acts church, believer after believer was baptized.            

Q:  If I was baptized as a child or infant, do I need to get baptized again?             

  Because baptism is a symbol of a personal decision to follow Christ, we encourage a person who has consciously and willingly committed to Christ to see baptism as a step of discipleship. Your parents lovingly baptized you as an infant and that was their decision for you. To be a member at KCC you are required to be baptized. Infant baptism is accepted if you have made the personal commitment to follow Christ as an adult.

Q:  Do I need to be baptized to go to heaven when I die?         

A:  No, baptism is not a shortcut to heaven, but rather is outward, physical evidence of Christ’s inward spiritual work deep within your heart. Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us that by grace we have been saved through faith – it is the gift from God – not by works.