Membership is not required to attend Kentwood Community Church. We are first and foremost a community church, bringing the good news of Jesus and offering a warm and safe environment for any who wish to stop by.
So why even have membership? Because at some point in our lives we may find ourselves ready to associate with something bigger than we are.  We generally look for a way to demonstrate our dedication in a 'covenant' sort of way.  For when we reach that time, KCC offers the step of membership.

Step One: Heart of KCC class. 

This class is offered four times per year.


Step Two: complete appropriate paperwork

You will receive the appropriate paperwork needed for membership in this class. (Membership Application/Commitment form and Personal Profile)


Step Three: consultation*

Your Personal Profile will direct the conversation for this consultation (couples can meet together)


Note: baptism is required for membership. This may be an additional step should you need to schedule your baptism.


Step Four: Board approval

Following your consultation(s), your information goes before the church board for approval.


Step Five: Public reception

This public reception takes place once a year.  You will receive information from the Executive department regarding your public reception as a Kentwood Community Church member. 


*Should you decide not to have your information go before the board for membership acceptance, please indicate this on your Personal Profile and during your consultation.



Upcoming Membership/Heart of KCC classes:

March 24/25, 2017  Kentwood  Campus | Room 112

Friday, 6:30 - 8:30 pm     AND     Saturday, 9:00am to Noon.

You will be asked to schedule a 30 minute consultation within two weeks of the class.

To register, contact Sandy by email or ext. 502